Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Need a Digital Camera

I do need to get a digital camera to snap pictures and then post them here on my food blog. I just don't know which kind or what features to notice when looking for one. Usually I think maybe a new feature will be available if I wait just a little longer or they will improve on a feature. Really, to be truthful it seems that when I buy something it goes on sale at a reduced price ten minutes after I have paid for it. So if any want to share info about your digital camera and the features you find most important for food picture or any picture taking, leave comments. I do need help with spending my money on just the right camera. Help! SOS!


White On Rice Couple said...

Be careful and don't get carried away with some crazy, expensive monster! You don't need it. If you can only start with a small point and shoot camera, just focus on something with a good lens that will allow you to take close up shots. Food looks great, close up.
Some of my friends have pretty good luck with the Canon Sure Shot. Which ever camera you get, just make sure to read your manual well to really understand and make full use of your camera functions. Take LOTS of test pictures and practice.

Just having fun cooking, shopping, and sharing ideas! said...

Thanks for your suggestions. I still haven had a chance to shop for a camera yet because of a new project I have going on. I will take a look at the Canon Sure Shot and must get one I can connect to my printer. I am computer don't know much when it comes to connecting this and that to the computer so I hope it won't be too complicated. Anyway, can't wait to go looking when the weather gets a bit less windy and a little warmer.