Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets

I have never been one for gadgets, but I found myself in a little cooking store the other day. As I looked around there was this huge wall of gadgets before my eyes. I found myself drawn like a magnet to that wall. I gazed at those gadgets, removed a few to examine them a little closer, and just thought about maybe buying and taking one of the gadgets home with me. There were just too many to pick from, so I turned around and quickly walked away bumping into the check out counter in my haste. There sitting and waiting for me to discover it was a soft skin veggie or fruit trimmer. I looked at it and began asking myself if I really needed this gadget to take up space in one of my kitchen drawers. Well, the temptation was too great and I bought it. It was well worth the money because when I have used it to trim tomatoes, it trims the skin and leaves a smooth tomato to be enjoyed. A few days later I noticed this article about health-boosting gadgets. Link to Health-Boosting Gadgets mentioned in Prevention I may have to go back and get more gadgets! If you have a gadget that you especially like, let me know by adding a comment.

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