Friday, February 29, 2008

Hobby-Letter Boxing

I just stumbled into this topic today because of what I found yesterday as I was surfing the net. Have any of you done this? As I have been reading more and more, which isn't much so far, I think it would be interesting. I would love to go find some in my area and even hide some. If any of you enjoy the hobby of letter boxing, please post and tell me if it would be a big no, no to buy a stamp to stamp in someones' book and even to leave in a placed letter box that I might tuck away some place. Would I need different ink pad colors when stamping someone's book or my book? This is so new to me, but has been around for so long. Post if you could share sites, your experiences, or helpful hints.


Jeena said...

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Anonymous said...

We have been letterboxing for over a year and we are having so much fun. I love a good mystery or secret and letterboxing is full of them! It is fun to hide them and have others go and find and then report on finding them and to go letterboxing in places you thought you were familiar with and new states! We have boxed in the state in which we live as well as the two neighboring states as well as on vacation visiting family or out site seeing.

Store bought versus hand carved? Well, I think the LB community would agree that even the simple carve of a newbie is better than store bought! But, try it. You never know what talents lie in those hands! You might surprise yourself! Choose some clip-art and give it a try! On Atlas Quest, there are several tutorials (wiki-boxing) on just about every subject! go there and check it out.

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